Key features

The ICOA Fund, our flagship fund, is among the first Bitcoin-denominated funds. The fund invests exclusively in BTC and offers insurance coverage and underwriting for public offering security insurance (POSI). 

By making security the utmost priority, we can expose a broader range of investors— interested in crypto returns but not the associated volatility.

The ICOA Fund manages crypto assets so that investors can take advantage of BTC returns while eliminating potential stressors that stop potential investors from entering the crypto market like scams, fraud, and cyber hacks. Clients can rest assured that their assets are protected in a unique, top-of-the-line hybrid infrastructure in custody with— the world’s first fully-insured crypto exchange.

To further amplify the weight The ICOA Fund puts on providing high-level asset protection, The ICOA Fund is held in storage with multi-signature configuration and reputable custodians. In addition, investment subscription contracts are held in custody by regulated entities, token investors must undergo KYC/AML verification, and BGBF is constantly monitoring security developments to ensure we stay as up-to-date as possible with industry best practices.

It is all but identical to BGBF-1, the only key difference being where the fund is based and regulated out of.

BGBF-I is now closed to new subscriptions. It is registered in Labuan, Malaysia.